P 816 t 1262322


theatre · fierce backbone · Ages 15+ · family friendly · United States

From the brilliant minds at Fierce Backbone comes a collection of three hilarious short pieces all about when it's time to tell the harsh truths. BANANA INTERVENTION by Jeremy Kehoe, THE END OF THE LINE by Mona Deutsch Miller, and CLOUDS REST by Nancy Beverly.
P 789 t 2264889


theatre · brynn sillyman · Ages 17+ · flashing lights · includes nudity · world premiere · United States

Ganymede: Most beautiful mortal, abducted by the sky god, put in Heaven as Aquarius, god of service- a horrific ascent to spiritual perfection. Ben: Rational linguist, prone to madness, in the degenerate modern Age of Pisces, suffers Revelation into the Age of Aquarius. There's wine; praise Bacchus.
P 815 t 5509646


theatre · fierce backbone · Ages 15+ · family friendly · United States

Three original short pieces from the brilliant minds at Fierce Backbone come together to represent writers' interpretations of the down and dirty LA Street Scene. Includes THE POOL OF GOLD IN THE SKY and DUSTED by Jan O'Connor, and TRIO by Amy Tofte.
P 821 t 2079107


theatre · fierce backbone · Ages 15+ · United States

From the brilliant minds at Fierce Backbone comes a collection of shorts about people -- the good, the bad, and the alternatively minded. WHOLE FOODS and TALK IN 10 by Cailin Harrison, GAYBY's PLAYDATE by Jan O'Connor, and A FEW GOOD PB&Js by Jeremy Kehoe.
P 801 t 225146


theatre · padua playwrights productions, inc. · Ages 16+ · world premiere · United States

In his newest play, legendary poet-playwright Murray Mednick experiments with archetypes to explore human nature & the process of theater. Gary, a down-on-his-luck actor, finds himself at a nightmarish audition where we, the audience, discover the magical ability of theater to create new realities.
P 820 t 3604815


theatre · ryan fabian · Ages 16+ · world premiere · one person show · United States

A comedic historical monologue about Ulysses S. Grant. The show seeks to paint a vivid and layered picture of Grant while dispelling old myths that have led many to think of him as little more than a drunken Civil War hero with a failed presidency.
P 931 t 1203505


theatre · coeurage theatre company · Ages 10+ · family friendly · United States

A sparkling comedy written by Mark Twain in 1989, yet undiscovered until 2003. When the brilliantly talented but desperately broke painter Jean-François Millet learns that his art would be more valuable if he were dead, he hatches a scheme to save the day that will hurt your sides with laughter.
P 743 t 9682095


theatre · thirty90ne · Ages 14+ · world premiere · United States

When a young poet ventures into the home of his eclectic neighbor, he’ll discover a world you never imagined could be right next-door. Inspired by true events, and presented as one continuous scene, this two-person drama will keep you on the edge of your seat, guessing until the bitter end.
P 882 t 8563126


theatre · spoken word festival · Ages 13+ · world premiere · one person show · United States

In this solo performance show, a young woman recounts the experience of falling for a man 15 years her senior. She is swept off her feet by the mysterious and overwhelmingly desirable Piano Man, struggling to navigate her first adult romance as the waters get deeper.
P 817 t 1929939


theatre · theatre asylum / combined artform · Ages 16+ · family friendly · world premiere · United States

50min. drama @ a Boston fitness club by Robert Litz & dir. by Stefan Lysenko:Buzz(30)a real estate broker. Jake (65)real estate player. Buzz grew up in a tenement that burned down, killing his dad. Jake was the building owner. Buzz thinks it was arson and blames Jake.
P 716 t 3400417


theatre · john sinner's theatre revelation · Ages 16+ · United States

Expanded version of this intense/funny performance work developed in NYC & @ REDCAT Studio. Lolly (Betsy Moore), the short-circuiting housewife, shares her sexual adventures & fantastic schemes to escape domesticity. W/Paul Tucci. "Tightly executed surrealism - well worth your time."
P 834 t 5110345


theatre · the visceral company · Ages 13+ · flashing lights · United States

On Halloween night, four college students meet in a purportedly haunted theatre for some holiday fun. Are the ghost stories about the place just urban legends that lend themselves to pranks... or could they actually be true? The theatre itself becomes a character in this spooky environmental play.
P 704 t 6489025


theatre · · Ages 18+ · one person show · United States

Michael's Daughter is Ciera Payton's one-woman show that highlights her unique papertrail relationship with her incarcerated father. Ciera Payton is an actress and writer from New Orleans, Louisiana.
P 919 t 1635873


theatre · butt & bastard and art via corpora · Ages 18+ · includes nudity · United States

A Dangerous, Seductive, Comedy Monster with a mission to charm, disarm, shock & seduce. His target: you. After 5-star reviews & sold-out shows across the world, America's premiere bouffon unleashes a feast of biting wit, mischievous improvisation, & physical prowess in the woods of Holly.
P 894 t 2447420


theatre · michael patrick spillers · Ages 10+ · United States

Marcus is getting married. He wants an old-fashioned wedding, at the inner-city Black church where he was raised. But there's one problem... Marcus is marrying another man. In a time of boycotts and culture wars, at the intersection between civil rights and gay rights, which road will you follow?

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