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theatre · thom vernon · Ages 12+ · family friendly · world premiere · one person show · Canada

A middle-aged pregnant housewife, her husband, his lover, a trans-dad and a calf. Thom Vernon (Seinfeld, The Fugitive, etc.) performs his novel as written with a little help from Rob Waller, lead singer of I See Hawks in LA. In your face and raw, Southern Gothic turned inside out.
P 874 t 593991


theatre · laughter cum laude · Ages 15+ · one person show · United States

A PhD. physicist and renaissance nerd and a PhD oceanographer and all around card walk into a theater... their indefatigable sense of wonder and love affair with science are shared with words, music, humor, and powerpoint. Who knew two Phd.s could be so entertaining?!
P 789 t 2264889


theatre · brynn sillyman · Ages 17+ · flashing lights · includes nudity · world premiere · United States

Ganymede: Most beautiful mortal, abducted by the sky god, put in Heaven as Aquarius, god of service- a horrific ascent to spiritual perfection. Ben: Rational linguist, prone to madness, in the degenerate modern Age of Pisces, suffers Revelation into the Age of Aquarius. There's wine; praise Bacchus.
P 716 t 3400417


theatre · john sinner's theatre revelation · Ages 16+ · United States

Expanded version of this intense/funny performance work developed in NYC & @ REDCAT Studio. Lolly (Betsy Moore), the short-circuiting housewife, shares her sexual adventures & fantastic schemes to escape domesticity. W/Paul Tucci. "Tightly executed surrealism - well worth your time."
P 878 t 567956


theatre · identity productions · Ages 18+ · United States

Ten years after their high-school graduation, Jon and Vince find themselves in a Michigan motel room coming face to face with past transgressions. TAPE asks the question: who decides your truth? Featuring: Jason Karasev, Donald Rizzo, and Juliana Long Tyson. Directed by: Elissa Weinzimmer.
P 763 t 9455281


theatre · darkman/fringe management · Ages 14+ · family friendly · United Kingdom

Two men travelling by boat become irrevocably linked at the crossroads of fate and coincidence. They find themselves forced to defend their starkly contrasting world views from attack by the other as the play builds to an unexpected and shattering denouement. "Clever and compelling."(The Scotsman)
P 756 t 1192643


theatre · mawson vernazza · Ages 10+ · family friendly · United Kingdom

A funny, yet intense, disturbing psychological 2-hander set in an atmospheric Victorian England. Holmes (John Mawson) and Watson (Mario Vernazza) are themselves under the famous magnifying glass. Amir Korangy is an experienced teacher and director. All are classically trained British actors.
P 849 t 2829737


theatre · the bufkin company · Ages 16+ · world premiere · United States

Two one-act plays that take place in the world of dreams. In the first, a man is forced to meet the most evil person alive. In the second, a woman has a vision of meeting her adult daughter, thirty years in the future.
P 925 t 1458074


theatre · section e. productions · Ages 16+ · one person show · United States

What's better than a One-Person-show? Four One-Person-Shows in under an Hour! Four Artists gather to tell stories that have changed their lives and taught them lessons they wish to share with the world. Section E. Productions will leave you thoroughly entertained, with a piece of their souls.
P 943 t 251439


theatre · studio c artists · Ages 15+ · one person show · United States

This one-man show is a journey across relationship and heartbreak, told by the fragmented parts of a man’s personality – each lending insight into how he was blinded by love, and blind-sided by the betrayal and dissolution of his marriage. Can he pick up the pieces (and the children) and move on?
P 894 t 2447420


theatre · michael patrick spillers · Ages 10+ · United States

Marcus is getting married. He wants an old-fashioned wedding, at the inner-city Black church where he was raised. But there's one problem... Marcus is marrying another man. In a time of boycotts and culture wars, at the intersection between civil rights and gay rights, which road will you follow?
P 847 t 2512438


theatre · rizen routez productions · Ages 17+ · one person show · United States

In this powerful solo show, writer/performer Nikki Brown takes you on an emotional and compelling journey into the heart, soul and mind of a young woman as she finds her hidden truth through channeling the assistance of her comical inner voices.
P 919 t 1635873


theatre · butt & bastard and art via corpora · Ages 18+ · includes nudity · United States

A Dangerous, Seductive, Comedy Monster with a mission to charm, disarm, shock & seduce. His target: you. After 5-star reviews & sold-out shows across the world, America's premiere bouffon unleashes a feast of biting wit, mischievous improvisation, & physical prowess in the woods of Holly.
P 758 t 1965268

JOHN 10:10

theatre · festival theatre usa · Ages 16+ · world premiere · United States

A story that explores a unique relationship between a Father, a Son and The Holy Ghost.
P 862 t 168756


theatre · fierce backbone · Ages 15+ · United States

Vicious dark humor chronicles an affair under the influence in this Los Angeles premiere from writer/director Amy Tofte. He struggles with sobriety, She's dependent on his affection.

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