Ensemble 2013
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ensemble theatre · what about this? productions · Ages 13+ · world premiere · United States of America

Stories and songs about love, death, ashtrays, Joan Van Ark and much more. Critically acclaimed recording artist, Cynthia Carle teams with Second City Alum, Wendy Hopkins for a warm, witty, delightfully fun evening. Guaranteed laughs or a shitty sweater is yours!
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ensemble theatre · dh squared productions · Ages 10+ · United States of America

All Trevor has to do is answer a few questions. All the patent clerk has to do is sign a piece of paper. But when the answers aren't forthcoming, neither is the pen. As the investigation gets more intense, it becomes obvious they both have something to hide. Use discount code COLD for 30% off!
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ensemble theatre · the rough riders theater · Ages 18+ · United States of America

During the hottest summer imaginable, two poverty stricken street thugs and a mute await a mysterious man who has made an offer that can change their lives forever.
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ensemble theatre · turquoise heart productions · Ages 13+ · family friendly · United States of America

A blind young man moves out on his own for the first time against his protective Iranian-American mother's judgment. When she barges in unannounced- before their agreed 2 month separation period- and finds his new love interest, a kooky, sexy, somewhat flaky young actress, maternal mayhem follows.
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ensemble theatre · little man productions · United States of America

When Tara, a successful and clever writer suddenly finds herself at a loss for words she is forced to figure out what to do when vibrant dreams of love and hope have become no more than distant shadows of heartache and loss.
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ensemble theatre · the play/ground theatre · Ages 15+ · world premiere · United States of America

When the studio's next picture is an adaption of Peter Pan, four aspiring "somebodys" get their chance at fame in Los Angeles.
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ensemble theatre · cerise films · Ages 12+ · world premiere · Poland

In a land torn by civil war, Lila is taking care of a retired doctor, until rebels take over the house that used to be a hospital. A tale of love vs. war, the right to bodily integrity for all beings and the process of individuation through a psychedelic journey and the power of nature.
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ensemble theatre · mmmkay productions · Ages 12+ · family friendly · United States of America

Whose loss is it anyway? That's the bone of contention between a gay man and a straight woman who meet to straighten up loose ends after the death of the man they both loved. This is a study of how the universal situation of losing a loved one took on unique new qualities in the context of AIDS.
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ensemble theatre · mine is yours theatre company · Ages 13+ · United States of America

The brooding Romea falls in love with cloistered Julian, each opening up something in the other as their story swiftly unfolds. With 8 actors and 90 minutes, R&J is "all around superb... R&J, A Gender-Reversed Romeo And Juliet is as must-see as it gets" -Steven Stanley, StageSceneLA #RomeaandJulian
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ensemble theatre · kas productions · United States of America

A simply staged play about the complicated relationships of three genius women - grandmother, mother and daughter. A smart, intimate tale by Lee Blessing that jumps back and forth in time to explore the amusing, depressing, desperate and hopeful realities of family connection.
P 2089 t 2290311


ensemble theatre · cape turnaround productions · Ages 12+ · family friendly · world premiere · United States of America

The Rebirth Consortium is a collection of excerpts from stories that highlights moments of self-discovery, and the various ways we deal with them.
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ensemble theatre · ma ma ma my llorona · Ages 17+ · flashing lights · world premiere · United States of America

Terrifying new twists carry the classic superstition into demented realidad viva! Ages ago, the madness of beautiful Maria reaches al repugnante extremo– and to the ultimate unthinkable act. Now, forevermore, children must behave or else beware the horrible Wailing Woman– LA LLORONA!
P 2316 t 5441051


ensemble theatre · tapper's woods / doud lumber · Ages 13+ · includes nudity · United States of America

Zack and Abby have the ideal ex-pat life in Paris: an apartment in up-and-coming Belleville, a stable marriage, and Zack's honorable mission to fight pediatric AIDS. But when Abby finds Zack at home when he's supposed to be at work, it shakes the foundation of their seemingly perfect life.
P 2414 t 138106


ensemble theatre · loks angeles productions · Ages 16+ · world premiere · United States of America

SPIT is Spoken Word Ensemble Theatre. Written in contemporary metered and free verse; SPIT dances between dialogue and soliloquy, bravely exploring the important themes of our times. #spitaboutit
P 2384 t 6782433


ensemble theatre · ctb productions · Ages 18+ · flashing lights · United States of America

A powerful, unsettling and ultimately devastating account of the Vietnam War, written by men who were there.

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