Ensemble 2013
P 1838 t 1364092


ensemble theatre · curious beast theatre co. · United States

Dublin Strikes! The true story of one mother and the two men who led the working class to strike for a living wage despite abject poverty; spurring Bloody Sunday and the 1913 LOCKOUT. "The great only appear great because we are on our knees. Let us Rise!" CBTco presents REBORNING following LOCKOUT.


ensemble theatre · mb stage productions · Ages 16+ · United States

John, Luke, Jessica, Mona and Courtney have been friends all throughout high school. Once they graduated they went their separate ways. But can the group still be friends after a year away from each other?
P 1840 t 807402


ensemble theatre · ps taper co. · Ages 18+ · United States

Three industry bottom-feeders, on the brink of abandoning their careers, find America’s hippest, edgiest, director convulsing in their backyard, but instead of getting him medical attention, they imprison him in their apartment until he agrees to make their celluloid dreams come true.
P 1610 t 3569197


ensemble theatre · the others · world premiere · United States

Who do we become in darkness, unobserved? Inspired by texts from the Harlem Renaissance, the Left Bank, and the Mexican Revolution, this dark comedy follows groups of outsiders as they betray each other, make out, strip, kill, and discover just how badly they're capable of behaving.
P 1645 t 6410675


ensemble theatre · acting 4 camera · Ages 15+ · family friendly · Canada

52 playing cards. 52 scene titles. 2 characters. Alternating cast. If you saw this play every second, from the Big Bang to now, you would never see the same show twice. Seriously. 52 Pick Up. 1 love story. Trillions of possible beginnings, middles, and endings...
P 1730 t 5876614


ensemble theatre · anglertheatre · Ages 14+ · United States

Cow. Slob. Pig. How many insults can you hear before defending the woman you love? Tom faces that question when he falls for Helen- a funny, sexy woman who happens to be plus-sized. Forced to dissect his views on beauty & value, Tom has to decide what dictates who he loves.. society or his heart?
P 1679 t 9853660


ensemble theatre · roebot productions · Ages 15+ · United States

An exploration of right and wrong and the moralities of man. A detective and a murdering therapist, weigh the pros and cons of a crime done for the sake of love. Runtime: 25 minutes Two shows per hour. Please wait in line if you don't make the first showing.
P 1771 t 7431963


ensemble theatre · boundless artists theatre co · Ages 17+ · world premiere · United States

One sip of me, and the green fairy you will see! Boundless Artists presents this dark romance about a man who must choose between reality or a hallucination whom he is in love with. But what happens when the Absinthe is gone? Watch and see!
P 1747 t 7265406


ensemble theatre · blj productions · Ages 18+ · flashing lights · world premiere · United States of America

Take a journey with American Servicemen and Women as they journey home from both Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom through the halls of Landstuhl Army Medical Center.
P 1763 t 3502435


ensemble theatre · the theatre asylum and her majesty's secret players · family friendly · world premiere · United States

From the director of 'Pulp Shakespeare' (Best of Fringe 2011), comes Ministers of Grace, which imagines what the movie Ghostbuters would be like if written by William Shakespeare. This will be a staged reading, with a full scale production to come.
P 1509 t 8445561


ensemble theatre · the re-theatre company · world premiere · United States

In an alleyway, Tom in his box, with Sue on her leash, reminisce on their prior life while commenting on the situation they are in. A percentage of the proceeds will be donated to charity.
Default project


ensemble theatre · the fringers · United States

He stands by the wall, hands in his pockets, watching the young couples dance. Robyn enters the room, looking for a partner. Their eyes meet across the crowded dance floor and the music swells. He turns away shyly, but she crosses to him...
P 1667 t 7675513


ensemble theatre · better than shakespeare · Ages 10+ · family friendly · world premiere · United States

Better than Shakespeare! presents its inaugural production, a revisionist Much Ado About Nothing. New music, new intrigues, twists and turns… and aliens. Because we think The Bard could use a little help. Don’t you? We're calling it, Much Ado About Something. The Something is Aliens.
P 1754 t 6548322


ensemble theatre · bad back productions · Ages 14+ · world premiere · United Kingdom

Do I follow my heart? This is one question Emily has to answer as she battles with her perception of what love is. Inspired by true events, Love is. is a truly heart wrenching tale showing how the feeling of love and our perception of what love is can bring us closer together or tear us apart.
P 1576 t 375615


ensemble theatre · feelings theater company · Ages 16+ · world premiere · United States

A comedic journey of one mans untimely transgression and his subsequent spiritual awakening.

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