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at Hollywood Fringe 2015

"Pocket Universe" World Premiere

A 2189 m 2075465

RECOMMENDED! - A husband and wife sit down for a nice picnic, but slowly, she starts to realize that she might not be able to leave. Directed by LA Times "Critic's Choice" Rhonda Kohl, "Pocket Universe" is a searing, two-person play that explores the nature of love, grief, and the unstoppable momentum of the past. At The Lounge Theatre, June 6th - 26th. Tickets are only $10!

War & Peace!

A 2063 m 265225

A journey into the world of Tolstoy’s classic novel with a quick, witty sensibility and snippets of history that will hopefully whet your appetite to conquer the classic yourself. We’re calling it a World Premiere Workshop.

Saint Mel

A 2061 m 7759614

An aging movie star hides out in the hills after his latest public self-immolation. There’s a crazy ex-girlfriend. A badass movie star best friend. A pair of desperate opportunists. And a ferret. … It’s just another night in L.A.


A 2285 m 7780362

LA Variety “highly recommends seeing ’Treya’s Last Dance’, a unique one-act play.” Clever and funny as f*uck! Treya’s Last Dance is a rip-roaring, tear-jerking tale of love, death, and the speed of life.