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at Hollywood Fringe 2015


A 1869 m 6094349

"This is an evening in the theater you should not miss, both as a theatregoer and as a person." -The New York Post

Lovely at The Ruby Theater

A 2020 m 8223332

Inspired by the death of Rosamond Pinchot, "Lovely" is a darkly comedic look at the unshakable demons that haunt us, even after we've died.

Hollywood Fringe Welcomes Old Friends

A 1699 m 7892833

This story is of one man's journey dealing with the unexpected death of his best friend. They are reunited in the best friend's burnt condo to take a walk down the path of remembrance and reconciliation to the demons within.

No Ex'p Required...

A 1784 m 7454301

Life & Death. Love & War. Rich & Poor. All of these will affect our lives, but their effects will rarely be the same. So, will you listen or lecture? Because for better or worse, when it comes to the human condition, there's - No Ex'p Required...