Participants: Review Your Project's Ticketing

Greetings, Fringers-

We have added 95% of your registered performances to OvationTix, the system selling tickets for your projects.

You have two actions items:

1. Check your shows at the link we provided you via email (contact us if you lost it).

Shows with multiple venues have multiple links; make sure to check each. Send any discrepancies to [email protected]. Ticketing is currently in test mode, so DO NOT publicize this link quite yet.

2. Tell us how many tickets you’d like to sell elsewhere.

By default, all your venue’s available seats are on sale through OvationTix; you can reduce this amount by 50%. If you’d like to hold some tickets for the door, include that into your calculation. Unsold tickets will be released for door sales on the day of your performance.

As we move forward, you can always email us to adjust the number of tickets on sale through the Fringe. We can not lower the number below 50% of your venue’s seat count.

In the coming days, we will grant you access to your ticketing control panel. This empowers you to add discount codes, fiddle with holds and comps, and run reports on how your shows are selling.

Ticketing will go live in the coming days, so please take action on these two items by end-of-day Thursday. Once ticketing is live, patrons can buy tickets directly from your page on the Fringe website or by calling 866-811-4111.

Still have questions about how ticketing works? Check out this article

…or email us.


Ben Hill

ps. The printed guide goes to the presses this week and we hope to start distributing next week. We cannot accept any more changes.

pps. More ways to promote your shows coming soon.

Last Chance to Check Your Listings

Here’s a friendly reminder that all participants, venues, and ad buyers need to check their listing in the Fringe Guide and have everything resolved by this Monday morning. The dates and times on the (participant) link below will be used as the basis to build your ticketing projects in OvationTix – so make sure they are correct!

For participants, click here
For venues, click here
For ad buyers, click here

Contact us at [email protected] if you have any issues.



Bid Today for Cover Ads

We have received several inquiries regarding cover and “special” placement for full page ads in the 2010 Fringe Guide. To keep things fair, we are going to sell special ad placement via an eBay auction. So start your bidding!

Here are the ad placement opportunities for your bidding pleasure:

Click on the links above to view the eBay listings. We will only accept full page (5.3125″ × 8.3125″) ads. All ads are full color.

Auctions begin to close this Wednesday, April 21 at 7pm PDT.

For the winners: Follow up with us on payment options. If you have already paid for an ad, we will only charge you for the balance owed.

Good luck and send your questions to [email protected]


Last Chance to Buy Guide Ads

As our guide is going to press in a matter of days, we will need everyone’s print ads submitted and paid by tomorrow close-of-business. You can learn all about ads by following this link: Click the “pricing” links at the top of the page to learn about prices and specifications.

Ads will never be this cheap again, so act now. Note that participants receive a 30% discount on print ad pricing.

We also have online ads available – no due date on those; submit them when you are ready. We are averaging over 50k hits a month with two months before the actual event, so this is a great way to get your project/business/organization some exposure.

Some exciting news coming soon on the final numbers for the first year’s Fringe!

Got questions? Email us at [email protected].


Town Hall II (the minutes)

Thanks to all who rallied for the aptly titled “Town Hall II” this past Monday. For those interested in the blow-by-blow minutes of the meeting, here’s an excellent article in bitter lemons

For those who missed it, we taped the whole discussion.

Here is a link to the audio file so you can listen directly.

On the docket:

  • Ticketing
  • Promoting your Show
  • Last-minute venue bookings
  • Fringe Guide Ads
  • Fringe Central Rentals
  • Getting around the Fringe

Make sure to follow us on twitter under the #hff hashtag for the bleeding edge in fringe news


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