Announcement: The 2018 Festival Dates


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We are so excited to announce that the Hollywood Fringe Festival will return for its ninth year June 7th – 24th, 2018. Previews begin a week before and run May 31st – June 5th. All are invited to the Opening Night Party taking place on Wednesday, June 6th, 2018 (there will be no scheduled performances on this date).
Registrants can get started today by creating a project

The HFF17 Interns: Alex Prehm


Alex (right) pictured with Volunteer Director Stina Pederson // Photo: Matt Kamimura

The last installment of our Intern Blog series comes from Alex Prehm, our HFF17 Volunteer Coordinator Intern.
In early April, I was a month away from graduating college and I had nothing lined up for summer.  Considering that I am a type-A personality, this lack of direction caused me enormous amounts of stress. Thankfully, my anxiety subsided when I saw a poster in the commons area searching for interns for the 2017 Hollywood Fringe Festival. I had heard of the festival before, and being a theatre major, I thought it would be a perfect opportunity. And boy was I right!
During the 3 and a half weeks I worked for the festival, I was part of a dedicated group of artists and theatre lovers. The Fringe has been so open and accepting, that this internship didn’t feel like going to a job, it felt more like going home. The Fringe has provided a sense of community that is unmatched. It is inspiring to know that even in the age of Trump, when the world feels like it’s been flipped upside-down, there still is a dedicated group supporting art and theatre in LA. 
I highly recommend anyone thinking about interning for the Hollywood Fringe Festival to go for it. It’s hard work at times, but it is the most rewarding and fulfilling work I’ve ever done. Being apart of this amazing group of people is worth it in and of itself. 

The HFF17 Interns: Effy Yizhou Yang


Effy (second from left) with other HFF17 Interns at the Intern Appreciation Lunch // Photo: Matt Kamimura

The second-to-last installment in our intern series comes from Effy Yizhou Yang, HFF17 Set Design Intern. 

I consider myself really lucky to be able to participate in the Fringe internship program. There are not many programs out there that has specific intern categories, such as Fringe TV, Volunteering Organization, Set Design, etc. Those specific categories allow the interns to focus on tasks that they are actually interested in and develop skills accordingly.

For example, not only was I helping in the execution and installment of the design, I was also encouraged to participate in the design process from the very beginning. The openness to ideas and collaborative working environment surprised me. However after meeting all the staff member in our intern luncheon, I realized this harmonious working relationship exists everywhere within the fringe team. Everyone works together towards one goal, which is to present a memorable and special theatre festival for participants.

My advice for next year’s interns is to think like you are the director of the fringe team, no matter what position you are on; to think about how you can make this year’s fringe better. You might just have the next great idea to help fringe to be better. 


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The HFF17 Interns: Melanie Allen


Melanie Allen (left), our Fringe Central Set Design Intern, with fellow interns at the HFF17 Intern Lunch // Photo: Matt Kamimura

I got interested in being a part of the Fringe after visiting Scotland in the summer of 2016. I was a stage manager for a show in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and I fell in love with the entire process. When it came to this summer, I knew that I wanted to be a part of something similar. I also knew that I wanted to be an intern during the summer, so when I saw that the Hollywood Fringe had a set design internship I was ecstatic! Everything was coming together, and it felt like the puzzle was completed.

I expected to be a part of something big, which isn’t wrong, but I didn’t realize how interconnected everyone is. I recognized people as they walked through the door, and I realized that while I helped create a huge thing that would be seen by hundreds that I was a part of a Fringe family. That blew my mind.

My favorite moment has to be when we finally finished the Fringe Central set. We had been working for nine days straight, and the space had completely transformed. The space started as a gutted and dirty room, but we made a new elegant home within it. You wouldn’t believe that it is the same room as before. All of us were looking around, and we realized that all of the sawdust, sun burns, and sweat were worth it. 

My most memorable moment has to be day one in the space. Here I am a fresh intern, and I am told, “go destroy that wall.” I was handed a hammer and a crowbar, and I went to work. I think I was laughing the entire time. The entire day was destroying things. It is so cool to think that I helped build the space from the ground up.

For next year’s interns, I would have to say work hard. Work hard and relentlessly. Everyone respects a hard worker and it opens up new doors. You will meet a lot of really awesome people who know how to do a lot of really awesome stuff. Listen to them, and make your impact. 

New Staff Position: Community Engagement Coordinator


The Fringe Staff at the HFF17 Award Ceremony // Photo: Matt Kamimura

The Fringe staff is seeking a new team member. To see if you are the right fit for our Community Engagement Coordinator position, please check out the job description below and apply by September 12th. 


  • The Community Engagement Coordinator will support the Outreach Manager in efforts to expand and diversify Hollywood Fringe Festival’s program, focusing specifically on community events serving the current body of Fringe participants and audience.

  • Work to expand the Fringe Scholarships diversity initiative for the 2018 festival with a special look at the review process (ie, building a rubric, expanding committee and helping coordinate/schedule meetings).

  • Maintain communication with a network of arts industry contacts (including other non-profit arts organizations, community festivals, and more) with the goal of finding opportunities to collaborate and integrate programming.

  • Assist Fringe staff with community events, including pre-Festival workshops, Town Halls, and Office Hours, as well as Festival events in June 2018.


  • The qualified individual is organized, focused, positive, outgoing, strategic and empathetic.

  • Preferred experience of working or studying in an arts or non-profit environment and experience or knowledge of non-profit programming and community outreach

  • Candidate should be working towards or have completed a Bachelor’s degree

  • Ability to work well as part of local and remote teams and also on own initiative.

  • Should have high energy and a flexible schedule.

What to Expect

  • A fast-paced, collaborative work environment.

  • A fluctuating, independent work schedule varying from 3 – 10 hours a week

  • Potential to become a solid fixture of the Hollywood Fringe Festival Staff.

Qualified candidates should have prior experience (or similar skills), and excellent written, verbal, interpersonal and organizational skills. Please submit your resume and a brief cover letter describing why you would like to be a part of the Fringe team to our Outreach Manager, Ellen Den Herder ([email protected]). An honorarium will be provided each Fringe season.

Deadline to apply is September 12th.

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Advertising with the Hollywood Fringe Festival is an excellent way to promote your project, organization, brand, or cause. Buy an advertisement now on our website or printed guide.Advertising with the Hollywood Fringe Festival is an excellent way to promote your project, organization, brand, or cause. Buy an advertisement now on our website or printed guide.