Volunteer Director Stina Pederson Takes on Fringe Central Front of House Duties


Congrats to Stina as she takes on the additional role of Front of House Director!

My husband, Brendan, and I moved to L.A. in the fall of 2010 to pursue our dreams of acting and writing, respectively. We first heard of Fringe midway through June the following year. We were dead broke, like so many Los Angeles transplants following their dreams, and I remember thinking, “Hey, I should see if they have any volunteer positions, maybe I could see some shows for free that way.”


June passed and I never got around to it, but I vowed I wouldn’t miss Fringe in 2012. I signed up to volunteer the following spring, and the first volunteer job I did (and roped Brendan into joining me for) was dressing up as a Fringe Freak and marching in the West Hollywood Pride Parade. We had so much fun and realized we’d found an amazing community. I volunteered several more times that Fringe and, yes, I got to see some shows for free.


2013 marked another year of volunteering for Fringe and seeing shows, but with a bit of a shift. Brendan and I wanted to be even more enmeshed in this community and to dust off our producing hats, still crumpled in the moving boxes we brought from Seattle. We decided we would write and produce a show for Fringe 2014. 

Our show plans were well underway as 2014 rolled around and then there was a little wrinkle: I saw that Fringe was seeking a new volunteer coordinator; the ever delightful Liz Steele was moving on. I was worried about a conflict of interests, but I couldn’t pass up this opportunity to become thoroughly entangled in Fringe and help more lucky folks get involved as volunteers. I applied, I interviewed, I expressed my concerns about also producing a show and assured Ben that Brendan would be the primary show promoter, and I got the job!

As Volunteer Coordinator, then Director, I’ve watched the ranks of volunteers expand to nearly 250 dedicated folks, overseen the Volunteer Comps and Discounts program, initiated and led annual Volunteer Orientations, and overseen and grown the Fringe Intern (Fringetern, anyone?) Program. This year my role will expand as I take on the role of Fringe Central Front of House Director. In addition to scheduling volunteers to help out at Fringe Central, I’ll be hiring Concierge and Security staff, maintaining communication between departments (Bryan’s Bar, Concierge, Cabaret, and Security), and making sure Fringe Central is well-staffed, well-stocked, and running smoothly.

I’m as caught up in this web as I could ever have hoped, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Moving to Los Angeles from cozy Seattle has made me realize that it isn’t always easy to find amazing communities of trustworthy, dedicated, and inspiring people. When you are lucky enough to find one, get enmeshed and entangled and caught up in it.

You Could Choose the HFF17 Fringe Prom Theme


Last year's community-voted prom theme was "Purple Rain". // Photo: Matt Kamimura

Update: The Fringe Community has spoken! This year’s prom theme will be Space. This theme was decided by a vote on Twitter over the other community-nominated themes: Jungle, Old Hollywood & Pajama!

This year’s Fringe Prom theme will be chosen by the #hff17 community. Beginning Thursday, May 4th, tweet your prom theme ideas to @hollywoodfringe with #hffprom and #hff17. Theme nominations close on Thursday, May 11th and the most popular themes (based on likes and re-tweets) will be voted on in an official Twitter poll!  Click here for all the details.


Fringe Cabaret Applications Open May 8th


Tap-dance your way to bigger audiences on the Fringe Central Cabaret Stage! // Photo: Matt Kamimura

The Cabaret Stage (located at Fringe Central) provides Fringers the opportunity to sample Fringe shows before committing to the full meal. Each cabaret performance features a new show. Special guest performers and raffles for show tickets are also available. Plus, it’s all free to the public. Cabaret applications submissions are now open. To apply, go to this link and fill out the form. Follow @hffcabaret on Twitter and/or join the Facebook group for the latest news. To learn more click here.

PLUS, we are bringing Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School back to present two special figure drawing sessions with live models from Fringe-registered shows! Get details here.

UPDATEDue to overwhelming response, Cabaret Stage applications are currently closed. Everyone who applied will receive a reply by June 1st. Please follow @HFFCabaret on Twitter and/or join the HFF Cabaret group on Facebook for updates on possible future openings!

FringeTV: We Want You!


The HFF14 FringeTV Team L-R: James Warfield, Bex Frankeberger, Stacy Jones Hill & Nathaniel Beaver. We'll miss you this year Bex!

FringeTV is back and we want to hear from you! Here are a couple of promotional opportunities we hope you’ll take advantage of.

“Backstage at Fringe 2017” - We want to film a few clips from your live show, and follow you backstage to hear about your experience and what Fringe means to you. Contact us at [email protected] by May 10th (include “Backstage” in the subject line). Slots are very limited.
“Participant Lightning Round” - We invite you to join us on Friday, May 12th from 2:30pm – 5:30pm for a Lightning Round of FringeTV interviews. It will be held at Sacred Fools Mainstage (1076 Lillian Way).
You will answer 2 questions very, very quickly. Lightning round style! Remember, you will be in a short video with 30 other productions, so make your answers SHORT & SWEET! Make sure to bring your awesome personality and character to the stage for us! You are welcome to wear your costumes and be as animated as you would like.
You will answer the following questions:

  1. What is your show about?
  2. What is your favorite line in the show?

No more than four people from your production are allowed in the video. We recommend planing ahead for who will say what, when. And remember: keep it short. If your answers are too long, your show may not make the cut. 

Nathaniel Beaver Takes on FringeTV Director Role


"Beav" has been helping out with the Hollywood Fringe since our inaugural festival. // Photo: Winston Burris

Who are you?


I’m Nathaniel Beaver. Most people call me “Beav”, which is cool by me. I am a fencer, movie buff, director, editor, filmmaker, Lord of the Rings Trivial Pursuit player, and Greek mythology enthusiast.  Oh, and I am from Indiana, proving that there is more than corn in Indiana. After college, I spent two amazing years traveling and working in beautiful New Zealand, before coming back to the US and moving to LA, where I started my production company, Parry-Riposte Films.


How did you get involved with Fringe?


I was here at the very beginning: the very first Hollywood Fringe Festival. I was recruited by Bryan Burgess (of Fringe Central’s Bryan’s Bar). I volunteered and handed out fliers on Hollywood Blvd, and I helped wherever I could. It has grown immensely since 2010! I have met some great artists and worked with many great people over the years.


What do you do with the Hollywood Fringe Festival?


In 2013 I was brought on as the FringeTV Editor. I worked closely with Stacy Jones Hill and James Warfield in cutting together some really funny and creative content. I served as Editor from 2013-2016. This year, I am happy to be a part of the staff once again, this time as FringeTV Director.


What is FringeTV?


FringeTV is the channel that hosts videos covering the festival. As the festival has grown in scope and popularity over the years, so has FringeTV. Our videos are informative, with topics such as the Fringe button, Fringe Central, How to Vote, and Cabaret, to name a few. We also enjoy showcasing artists and interviewing audience members about their Hollywood Fringe experiences, along with some fun parodies and entertaining videos.  Be sure to stay up to date and subscribe to our channel: www.youtube.com/hollywoodfringe.


What are your plans as the new FringeTV Director?


I am very excited to be in this position. I am ready to take on the responsibility and the increased workload. I hope to bring a creative eye to this channel, and a new perspective. I will also be serving as Editor, which will really be a lot more work this year, but I like being able to direct and edit, because once I sit down to cut the piece together, I already have a great idea of what I shot and where it all fits together.


Any challenges that you expect to face?


I think every Fringe is a challenge, whether you are an artist or staff member. June can be quite an intensive month. The challenge for me is to create, shoot, edit episodes and videos on time, along with entertaining our audience. Fringe on!


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Advertising with the Hollywood Fringe Festival is an excellent way to promote your project, organization, brand, or cause. Buy an advertisement now on our website or printed guide.Advertising with the Hollywood Fringe Festival is an excellent way to promote your project, organization, brand, or cause. Buy an advertisement now on our website or printed guide.