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Step 1: Create a Project

Creating a project is your first step on the Fringe journey - it's totally free and there's zero obligation. It should only take you a few minutes.

Once your project has been approved, you are all set to begin the venue hunt. Participation in the fringe requires finding and booking a venue in The Fringe Zone. Don't worry, though, we've made it easy by listing several fabulous venues in the Hollywood area that are all set to take applications for performance slots. Just begin contacting venues through this website that interest you.

Your last stop is to pay your Fringe registration fee - this will avail you of all the wonderful benefits of being a Fringe participant.

If you ever have any issues along the way, click the support button to the right or just email [email protected].

Take me to a park...

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"Skin of Honey seethes with the passion, eroticism and stirring political context that have been the hallmarks of Nanin's best works.